What’s Lost is Found

These photographs were made during the inaugural Artist-in-Residence for The Do Good Fund, a non-profit based in Columbus, Georgia, whose mission is to collect and exhibit photographs taken in the American South since World War II. The residency was based in Hale County, Alabama, the heart of the Black Belt and sacred terrain for any photographer.

A heartfelt thank you to the following people who made this project possible:
Alan Rothschild
Pam Dorr
Jon Combs
Richard Benari
Tyler Boley
Zach Krahmer


What’s Lost is Found was awarded the Archive of Documentary Arts Collection Award for Documentarians of the American South by Duke University. A selection of 40 photographs was acquired by the ADA.

"Looking at these images, we ask, ‘What are the things that look like they’re changing, what are the things that feel like they’re not changing, and what are maybe some of the things we don’t want to change?’"

— Wassan Al-Khudhairi
Birmingham Museum of Art
Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art


Lauren Henkin talks with Andrew Yeager on WBHM Radio about the project and exhibition at the Birmingham Museum of Art.