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Artists Richard Benari and Lauren Henkin discuss their new collaborative body of work, Pictures, an exploration of abstraction in photography. On influences and abstraction in photography: On creating Pictures and materiality: On removing narrative in photography: Lauren Henkin on influences: Richard Benari on Minimalism: Lauren Henkin on the importance of the print: Richard Benari on […]

Michael Borek and I met about six years ago. We were both living in Washington, DC and I started attending a monthly critique group that he was a participant in. While getting to know him, and spending a lot of time talking about photography and art, I have [...]

When I first looked at the roster of photographers coming to Photolucida, I knew immediately that I wanted to meet photographer Rania Matar. Born and raised in Lebanon, Rania moved to the U.S. in 1984. She studied architecture at the American University of Beirut and Cornell University, and [...]

I met Kevin Miller 2 years ago at Photolucida 2009. It was my first portfolio review event and Kevin was one of my scheduled reviewers. I remember being really satisfied by my review with him. It wasn’t that he showered compliments on my work. Instead, it was his [...]

Although it seems like much longer, I met photographer Kirk Crippens a year and a half ago at PhotoAlliance’s annual portfolio review event in San Francisco. We met only briefly there, but have since formed a friendship based on mutual respect for each other’s dedication to photography, and [...]

Thirty-five years ago, nearly to the day, Susan Spiritus opened her gallery, Susan Spiritus Gallery, dedicated to showing the best of fine art photography. Despite not having a background in the arts (she has a Masters in Deaf Education), Susan has accomplished what today seems like a miraculous [...]

Aline Smithson and I have known each other for about two years through e-mail communications. We finally met in person when I interviewed her for Photo Radio just over a month ago at Photolucida 2011. We had been talking ever since she picked up a postcard of mine [...]

My third interview during Photolucida was with Melanie McWhorter, a photographer and the Book Division Manager of photo-eye in Santa Fe or 13+ years. She is a regular contributor to the photo-eye magazine, maintains her own photo-related blog, and is co-founder of Finite Foto which focuses on [...]

I can’t remember how, but a post popped up on Facebook announcing that I would be conducting interviews at Photolucida. Photographer Cat Gwynn e-mailed me almost immediately with an interest in talking. I didn’t know Cat or her work (shame on me). She sent me an extremely thoughtful [...]

I am pleased to finally post the first of 10 interviews I conducted over 4 days during Photolucida 2011. I had many reasons for wanting to talk to so many people, but mostly, I wanted to get a wide array of perspectives on the portfolio review experience as [...]

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